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If you are looking for CONCRETE actionable training without all of the fluff, you are in the right place. We bring you presenters who are national EXPERTS in their field, to give you REAL step-by-step training in business. No universe, no vision boards, no fluff. You are welcome.

This VIP Webinar is Thursday, September 7, 2017
12:00pm PST/ 1:00pm MST/ 3:00pm EST

Meet Our Guest Trainer:


Tyler Girsberger

Tyler Girsberger is a paid marketing specialist at 97th Floor. He specializes in search, display and social paid advertising, working with medium to enterprise clients. Tyler graduated from BYU with a degree in business management, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. While at BYU, Tyler was heavily involved with the BYU Entrepreneurship Club, acting as President during his senior year.

Tyler will be teaching: Paid Search Landing Page Optimization. 

There are many avenues businesses can take to grow their audience, increase site traffic, and most importantly increase their overall revenue. Learn how to set-up and optimize paid landing pages to triple your traffic and conversions.

In this LIVE webinar you will learn:

  • Common pitfalls in designing paid search landing pages
  • Essential components of a paid search landing page
  • How to best optimize your landing page for the right conversions
  • Effectively testing your landing pages for best ROI


Kim Flynn and Mike Buonomo are the owners of Entrepreneur Simplified, a training company for small business owners. Entrepreneur Simplified hosts over 100 business retreats per year in their Phoenix and Utah offices, offering systems & operations training for small business owners.

Kim will be teaching:

The S-Curve Principle: How to Grow Your Six-Figure Business to Seven

  • Why You are likely to plateau between 100-500K revenue
  • The surprising skill all 7-figure business owners have to master

Training Includes:

  • Live, Interactive webinar so you can get your questions answered.

This VIP Summit is Thursday, August 24, 2017
12:00pm PST/ 1:00pm MST/ 3:00pm EST

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Gifts & Give-Aways

We love giving away free stuff. In fact, as soon as you register you will get:

  • A leadership systems evaluation template… so you will see where your company is strong and where you can grow.
  • A marketing template… which will make you rethink your current customer–it might not be who you SHOULD be working with!
  • Two organizational templates… so you can build your TIME MAP. You always have the time, it jut isn’t organized… yet!
  • A product pricing template so you can stop leaving dollars on the table.
  • And a leadership template that will eliminate employee problems, almost completely. Seriously.

During the webinar we will be giving away FREE books, PLUS a $3500 gift will go out to a few LUCKY attendees. Get all of the free stuff as soon as you register. Enjoy!

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